Our Annual Appeal, in progress now!

A note from Executive Director John Mayer

Dear friend of the museum,

You may have seen our 2017 Annual Appeal letter in your mailbox or received a message electronically.  I hope you will take a minute, consider the various programs we have organized and are planning for the future, and help us with a donation so our work can continue.

I am very proud of our recent accomplishments.  This week I will be finishing grant reports for our summer curriculum project and for the Mass Humanities grant that supported our collections catalog.  Both have been so important in establishing a foundation for the growth of the museum.  At the same time, I am working on program plans for next year.  Along with activities linked to the 350th anniversary - the year will be filled with more tours, new programs with interesting speakers, and some special events that celebrate the rich tradition of industry and worklife in Amesbury.  2018 will be a great year!

I know another fund-raising letter is the last thing you need.  Still I hope you will forgive this additional request, see the importance of our work to build a vital organization for the Amesbury community, and make a donation to our Appeal.  Your support truly does make a difference!

I thank you for your consideration and for your generous support.  Great things ahead!


John Mayer
Executive Director

Note: If you did not receive our letter and want to be part of the 2017 Annual Appeal, you can make a donation on line by clicking here. Thank you!

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