Author Event a Success!

We've just wrapped up our first lecture of the 2015 series with author Edith Maxwell.  Here are few photos from the event today which rounded out with a short reading from the Carriagetown Mysteries Series.  We can't wait to find out who set the fire on Carriage Hill! We had a lovely crowd today, eager with questions about the author's writing approach and methods and her research on 19th century culture and experience.  A successful lecture always leaves one with questions and that was certainly true today.  We are now wondering all about day to day customs in our community in the late 19th century.  As Edith posed, what did underwear feel like? How did families store leftovers? Part of our mission as a Museum is to try to answer some of these questions using our own resources as well as those in other regional and national repositories. Edith's talk inspired us and got us thinking about all that snow and ice out there.  Did you know Lake Gardner was a source for commercial ice harvest through the 1930's? Keep a lookout for an upcoming post all about the frozen water trade and the Lake Gardner Ice Company.  

Thanks again to Edith for an excellent kick-off lecture for our 2015 season. We hope to see you at our next lecture event in May. Registrar Megan MacNeil from Historic New England will join us for a lecture entitled "The Lost Art of Etiquette." Downtown Abbey fans take note! There will be calling cards involved. 

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