Walking Tours

"We offer walking tours to connect people to the built environment all around us.We see the city as a historical artifact that tells us much about the past." - John Mayer, ACM executive director


Museum volunteers help visitors to visualize Amesbury's past industrial and commercial buildings and features, which are often hidden in modern development and renewal.


Walking Tour: The Railroad from Downtown to Oak Street in 1900

A pictorial walk along the railroad tracks from Water St. to Oak St. about 1900. Maps and photos show the industries along the transportation artery connecting Amesbury to the rest of the world.


Walking Tour: Carriage Hill

Former carriage and auto body factory sites in Amesbury's Carriage Hill area, with descriptions, maps and photos. Developed for a walking tour first conducted in 2017.


Walking Tour: Millyard and Water Street Auto Body ManufaCturing Sites

Details of former auto body manufacturing sites and buildings in Amesbury's upper and lower millyards. Developed for a walking tour first conducted in 2017.