Museum News: Amesbury-Bodied Cars and More!

Our Saturday, June 29 event, Driving through History, and the Carriagetown Car Show on Sunday, June 30 - are going to be a lot of fun.  I hope you will join us at one or both of these events!  And, as usual, behind the scenes there is a lot of activity and progress in the development of our museum.

Dear Friend,

CARS - For the past several years the Amesbury Carriagetown Car Show has brought hundreds of vintage cars and thousands of people to our downtown.  Each year the event gets better and better with more cars to see and other things to do.  Once again this year I am very proud to say the Carriage Museum will host a collection of historic cars "bodied" by Amesbury makers.  We'll have a Bailey electric, steam-powered Stanleys, and a couple Hudsons and Franklins.  These classic cars are rare examples of the workmanship produced by Amesbury shops in the first part of the twentieth century.

Display of Amesbury-bodied cars from the 2018 car show.

Display of Amesbury-bodied cars from the 2018 car show.

Some Fun and Even More Cars - on Saturday June 29 beginning at 6:30 pm in the showroom of Amesbury Chevrolet, we'll be holding a party and fundraising event with music, food, drink and a live auction featuring a fun assortment of premiums. You can bid on a special tour of Amesbury or the Boston Aquarium, art work, vacation packages and more.  It's a chance to socialize and, through your auction purchase, to support the museum.  Information about the event is below.  Get your tickets and join us!

The Growth of the Museum is Fueled by Volunteers - little by little, our project moves forward.  Thanks to the efforts of the Board and our volunteers, we are building the base for our project to develop a museum in the millyard.  This is our "silent phase" where we confirm our plans and secure lead gifts for the project.  Soon we hope to share the full scope of the project with our community. 

There are many aspects to our museum operations and every part involves dedicated people who volunteer their time.   Are you interested in getting involved?  Do you have a passion for the museum, some time and some expertise to offer?  Our Finance, Collection, and Development Committees have openings.  If you are interested in learning more - please send me a message.

Many thanks to you for your interest in the Amesbury Carriage Museum.  I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

John Mayer
Executive Director 

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