Major acquisition expands scope of collection

We are excited to announce the major acquisition of the entire collection of the Salisbury Point Railroad Historical Society (SPRRHS). This non-profit sister organization found itself in an all too common circumstance with participation and donations dwindling and a critically important collection of historic artifacts to care for. The SPRRHS  approached the ACM earlier in 2015 to determine our interest in stewarding the collection after their dissolution. 

The ACM Board considered carefully this major acquisition which includes many cool artifacts such as train lanterns, passenger schedules, original blueprints of track layouts, photographs of the station’s early years and most notably the railroad station itself which is located in Amesbury’s new Heritage Park right next to the future home of the carriage museum.  These objects will expand the scope of our collection and will facilitate a broader range of interpretive projects.  As we continue to develop our mission and vision for the 21st century we recognize the importance of expanding our scope to better understand and interpret the life, customs and community of Amesbury throughout its rich history.  As we process this new donation we will share updates and we look forward to your feedback. 

We would like to thank all the SPRRHS members, especially Peter Bryant, for all they did to make this transition so smooth and welcome you as members of the Amesbury Carriage Museum!

There are hundreds of objects and documents in the SPRRHS collection. Here is just a sampling. 

Meghan PetersenComment