Meet the Board - Peter Hoyt

Peter Hoyt as Master of Ceremonies at our Annual Meeting in September 2014. 

Peter Hoyt, an eleventh generation descendant of John Hoyt, one of the original seventeen settlers of Amesbury, has always had a keen interest in the preservation and promotion of Amesbury’s rich local history. Peter is a retired elementary school teacher and principal and during his thirty-year tenure serving as an educator in Amesbury, his classroom always extended into the community-at-large. Now a member of Amesbury’s School Committee, he is particularly excited about the educational possibilities of the Amesbury Carriage Museum for students both locally and throughout greater New England. During Peter’s term as the President of the Bartlett Museum, what had been a Carriage Museum Sub-Committee separated and formed an independent organization, what we know today as the Amesbury Carriage Museum.  

Peter recognizes the dedication of those who have come before and honors the tireless enthusiasm and efforts of departed pillars of the community such as Town Historian, Margaret Rice, and longstanding Amesbury Improvement Association President, Hawley Patten. Their commitment to the establishment of the Amesbury Carriage Museum inspires his work. Peter’s research has informed him that as early as 1940, lively conversations were taking place about creating such a community showcase. Having served as a Director of the Amesbury Carriage Museum for many years, he eagerly anticipates the opening of the Amesbury Carriage Museum at 29 Water Street. As the centerpiece of the current Lower Millyard Redevelopment and Revitalization Project, the Amesbury Carriage Museum stands poised to lead the city to a rich and vibrant future. Peter invites you to join in the effort to open the Amesbury Carriage Museum’s doors! 

What is your favorite spot in Amesbury? 

Peter: "It's hard to choose just one favorite place in Amesbury because there are so many......but I guess I would have to say the Amesbury Public Library because it is an architectural masterpiece, I have pleasant memories of working there as a high school student carrying book bags from the basement to the Children's Room, I delighted in working there as an adult a few Summers assisting the Children's Librarian, I happily served as a Library Trustee for a few years, and I remember fondly helping to carry Ken Terry's Amesbury-manufactured T. W. Lane carriage up the front steps and through the front doors of the Library to be on display in front of the check-out desk in celebration of the Carriage Era! As an aside, Mr. Terry's carriage is now on display in the Amesbury Health Center lobby. In terms of a favorite place in Amesbury, a close second would be the Woodsom Farm or Pleasant Valley."