How do I fiNd the museum?

The museum currently operates out of several locations. Our Executive Director's office is housed with the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce. We are currently exploring options for a permanent home.

Can you tell me about my carriage?

Our expertise is limited to Amesbury manufacturers and our research in that area is ongoing. If you have images you would like to share with us please send them along to and we will try to help you find more information. You might also contact the Carriage Association of America.

Are you looking for volunteers?

The ACM welcomes volunteer help typically on an as needed basis. We will send email updates and post on Facebook when we are looking for help. Please stay tuned and consider coming out for a program or event to support the museum. If you are interested in joining the Board of Trustees please contact our Executive Director John Mayer at


I have a carriage. Do you waNt It?

Because we are currently in the process of evaluating our own collection and fundraising for ongoing collection maintenance we are not actively collecting at this time.

Are you interested in more than carriages?

Yes! We recently expanded our mission to include the study and interpretation of Amesbury industry more broadly including the buildings, companies and individuals who lived and worked here. We are seeking to tell a human story centered on Amesbury industries both past and present.

Is any of our collection on view?

We currently have two vehicles on view in the community. One is at the Amesbury City Hall and other at Lahey Health Center. Please check their respective websites for hours and locations. The Salisbury Point Railroad station is also a collection object and is on view at Heritage Park in the lower millyard on Water Street.