We want students and others to find a connection to the history of Amesbury and strengthen their sense of place. – John Mayer, Executive Director, ACM


With input from Amesbury teachers, the museum has developed the curriculum, A Museum Without Walls. The museum offers a complimentary walking tour of the millyard. Please contact us to discuss your interests. We are developing a working committee of local educators to further develop this program. Teachers are encouraged to contact the museum to discuss their needs and interests.


Curriculum, A Museum without Walls

In 2017, with support from the Amesbury Education Foundation Inc. and input from six local teachers, the museum has developed a history curriculum – A Museum Without Walls. You can view the entire curriculum document here.


The Amesbury Millyard Walking tour

This walking tour is organized to encourage users to explore Amesbury’s built environment and learn about the city’s rich industrial history. The tour is available as an online interactive tour or as a pdf and written version. A complimentary pdf document offers activities that allow users to explore historical concepts before or after the tour.  


Classroom visits & Tours

The museum invites teachers to contact the museum and discuss ways to include a classroom visit in support of local history lessons. In addition, museum staff and volunteers can provide a forty-five minute tour of the Amesbury millyard. Tour size is limited to 25 students. Contact the museum to discuss your interests and to schedule a visit.


Teacher workgroup and steering committee

The museum has created a steering committee to review the curriculum, develop complimentary teaching materials and activities. Please let us know if you are interested in joining this group and helping us further develop our programs.